Aude Fluckiger - Therapist, Trainer, cultural anthropologist
  • Voice Dialogue, Judith Hendin / Hal & Hidra Stone, USA
  • Brainspotting, David Grand PhDD
  • Spiritual Regression Hypnosis (HSR), IIHS, Quebec
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis and Strategic Hypnosis® - EPNLL
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) -EPNLL
  • Interactional Coaching® (solution-focused / systemic approach) -EPNLL
  • Resseguier method (approach to the sensitive body & quality of therapeutic presence) - Institut Resseguier, Aujols
  • Adult trainer (public migration / companies) - Swiss Federation of Adult Training
  • Anthropologist (Asia-Pacific field), MA - NCCU Taiwan
  • Sinologist (Chinese Language and Civilisation specialist) - Anthropology of Eastern religions), BA - University of Geneva

My journey

My name is Aude, I am 41 years old. 

Passionate about the human psyche and healing, I am an explorer of human consciousness and beliefs that I investigated for about 23 years personally, and academically. Like many of you, I made my life journey through rough bumpy roads, beyond conventions and pre-established boxes.

I began my career as a sinologist and anthropologist, in contact with the Taiwanese Han, as well as other Austronesian Taiwanese minorities. These years of immersion allowed me to investigate the therapeutic effectiveness of traditional indigenous medicine (shamans, healers, mediums) and to conduct research on the dynamics of power and co-dependence in contemporary religious movements.

These investigations allowed me to see that these mechanisms of power and co-dependence are universally present, in everyday life, both professional and personal.

Noting the number of (hyper)empathetic people with high sensitivity experiencing these situations and not knowing how to get out of them ("toxic" situations, narcissistic grip, repeated deadlocks, etc.), I decided to train myself specifically in order to propose concrete solutions allowing to identify these patterns and quickly free from them.

Passionate about visual arts, mindfulness and Eastern spiritualities, I learned traditional Zen painting - from the Chinese "Chan" Buddhist movement - which I practice and teach occasionally.

My person-centered humanist approach integrates numerous tools that adapt to your needs in order to allow you to reconnect with your essence, with gentleness and loving-kindness.

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