Aude Fluckiger - Therapist, Trainer, cultural anthropologist
  • Voice Dialogue, Judith Hendin / Hal & Hidra Stone, USA
  • Brainspotting, David Grand PhDD
  • Spiritual Regression Hypnosis (HSR), IIHS, Quebec
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis and Strategic Hypnosis® - EPNLL
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) -EPNLL
  • Interactional Coaching® (solution-focused / systemic approach) -EPNLL
  • Resseguier method (approach to the sensitive body & quality of therapeutic presence) - Institut Resseguier, Aujols
  • Adult trainer (public migration / companies) - Swiss Federation of Adult Training
  • Anthropologist (Asia-Pacific field), MA - NCCU Taiwan
  • Sinologist (Chinese Language and Civilisation specialist - Anthropology of Eastern religions), BA - University of Geneva

My journey:

Active for more than 23 years in personal growth and research related to Eastern spiritualities, I am most and foremost passionate about human consciousness and its evolution on earth, beyond affiliations and beliefs.

My fascination for Asia led me to live and experience very rich years on this continent where I made my ethnographic field in contact with the Taiwanese Han, but also with the ethnic minorities of the island of Taiwan, and other bordering countries which maintain their ancestral traditions.  

These years of immersion allowed me to investigate the therapeutic effectiveness in traditional indigenous medicine (shamans, healers, mediums). It also led me to investigate and address the intricacies of power games and co-dependency mechanisms in the charismatic relationships of contemporary religious movements. Since these mechanisms inherent in power games are universal, they often emerge in interpersonal relationships, both in the professional world and in the personal sphere, in any country and any environment.

Passionate about the visual arts, I also learned traditional Zen painting - from the Chinese Chan Buddhist current - which I practice and teach occasionally.
Today, I employ the skills I gathered from my personal & intercultural journey and my specialised trainings. I am currently living and working remotely from South-east Asia.

I work in a pragmatic and holistic perspective, aiming at empowering and bringing the right tools for the autonomy of each person to help release her / his wider potential, centering on each person's needs and pace.

I counsel in order to better understand and go through the challenges of life that are encountered, to release blocages and emancipate from old limiting individual and collective patterns. I help you mobilise new resources to evolve, giving priority to well-being, to the emergence of the potential that connects us to our essence of life. This is the meaning of "Flame Alive" which evokes the flame of life in each of us, and the phoenix which rises from its ashes in infinite cycles.

I also do specific counseling for hypersentitive, empaths and high potential beings to release their blocages, and gain the necessary confidence and autonomy to build a life reflecting their deep purpose.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any information.

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