Life mission & transpersonal search

We are divine but imperfect beings who exist in two worlds, material and spiritual. It is our destiny to navigate between these two universes through space and time as we learn self-mastery and assimilate knowledge. Michael Newton

To access transpersonal information, I mainly use spiritual regressive hypnosis. This approach in a deep hypnotic state allows the contact to the pertinent information relating to what you are currently experiencing in your life and the challenges you are facing. As a therapeutic approach, it is collaborative; I facilitate and guide the process, while we interact and you remain empowered in your own free will during the whole session. Contrarily to classical or Mesmerism types pf hypnosis, in therapeutic hypnosis the client remains aware, is able to get up or pause anytime, and can remember the whole session.  

What can Spiritual hypnosis help with?

  • Understand hardships, repeated situations, difficult relationships, etc.
  • Release fears, blockages, symptoms
  • Re-access knowledge that is useful for our life mission

This approach, which is more popular in Anglo-Saxon countries, is currently gaining more visibility in the French-speaking world. This method of deep hypnosis allows access to information from other incarnations, or contact with guides in the "in-between-lives" space. Access to this information is made to better understand the issues of what you are experiencing here and now, in a goal of evolution and well-being. Please note this approach is therapeutical and not recreative.

This approach makes it possible to:

  • Understand the meaning of our life challenges and the related comprehensions we can learn 
  • Reconnect with our life mission and understand our soul contract (soul plan)
  • Communicating with Spirit guides / beings of light / deceased loved ones
  • Meet your soul group
  • Understand the soul connections with people who have a significant impact on your life
  • Overcome fears (death, irrational fears, phobias, etc.)
  • Understand health challenges to transcend them or learn to better navigate with them 

What are the steps?
  1. Contact me to fill in an anamnesis form I will send to you
  2. Listen to preparatory MP3 to train the receptivity of informations (visual, auditory, kinesthetic channels etc.) This ensures a deeper experience during your session.
  3. Plan a 2 hour session (with a little margin for your comfort)

“I am very interested but I am afraid to take the step”

Some people give up the idea of the process for fear of coming into contact with information they are not "ready to obtain". This concern is natural and can be addressed with the following :

  • Guided by your higher consciousness, you are directed to information that you are truly ready to access only, and that can help you with your personal challenges. This is ensured by the intention that we set for the session, hypnotic "safeguards" that we place at the beginning of the session, and your own self-regulation system which will let you access only what is helpful and supportive for you in your process.
  • Your anamnesis information (history of illnesses, medications, etc.) will allow us to determine whether this method is suitable for your needs.

 From the International Institute of Spiritual Hypnosis IIHS, Quebec                                           


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