Voice Dialogue: The dialogue of the inner selves

Voice Dialogue is an approach developed by psychotherapists Hal and Sidra Stone in the USA.

This approach, inspired by Jungian psychology, considers that our personality is composed of multiple sub-personalities or "selves," each with its own specific strategies, needs, and behaviors. They also all have their own singular energy that we can learn to distinguish.

Inspired by the Jungian concept of the "shadow", Voice Dialogue explores these different voices or selves to understand and integrate the repressed or lesser-known aspects of ourselves, thereby facilitating a better regulation of our daily attitudes and behaviors.

During Voice Dialogue sessions, the therapist helps the client energetically connect with these sub-personalities by physically moving through space, enabling them to feel, listen to, and express them without judgment.

By acknowledging and giving space to these voices, individuals can discover how they influence their thoughts, emotions, and actions. This awareness helps reduce internal conflicts, emotional reactivity, and fosters greater autonomy and authenticity.

The Jungian approach of Voice Dialogue emphasizes the process of individuation, which is the path to self-realization by integrating all facets of our being. By exploring and dialoguing with these voices, individuals can release limiting unconscious patterns and develop a deeper understanding of their identity. This method thus provides a powerful framework for personal transformation and consciousness development.