Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

A goal without a date is just a dream. 

Milton Erickson

It's not so much reality that limits us or opens up our possibilities, but the map we have of this reality. 

Robert Dilts

Neuro-Linguistic Programming focuses on our programming (our behaviors, attitudes that define our way of seeing the world), the neurological system (which regulates the functions of our body), and the language (which determines our interactions), in order to live a better version of yourself, beyond your fears, blockages, traumas, etc.
It is a pragmatic and solution-oriented approach that aims to establish a system of beliefs that strengthens, values and empowers oneself in view of one's objectives, while respecting one's system and environment.

Through this tool, I propose you to:

  • Identify and transform limiting beliefs and related behaviors to reach your goals
  • Realign yourself to a meaningful life by (re)connecting to your deep values, build a project (professional, life), reorient yourself after breaks (professional, private), reconnect with your life mission.
  • Define a goal and build the resources and steps needed to achieve it, in a sustainable and ecological perspective. Strengthen positive internal states that drive change. 
  • Transform negative emotions, phobias, behaviors or habits that limit or block you. 
  • Mobilize new resources, transcend dilemmas, manage difficult choices, life transitions, professional changes.
  • Develop a relational quality in the relationship with yourself and others. Experience more balance and harmony, while respecting your needs and boundaries.
  • Release traumas and mobilize new resources by navigating through the spaces of past, present and future.

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