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In April 2022 Aude accompanied me during Brainspotting sessions. By her active listening, her benevolence, her accuracy in the accompaniment she allowed me to understand some of my mechanisms or mental constructions. Thanks to the reassuring environment it offers, it was possible for me to confidently explore the aspects, even very unpleasant ones, of my journey in order to resolve blockages and find peace. Aude is a very professional, invested and trustworthy person, she is a precious help in the road to recovery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your insight and support!"Nelson 

I have benefited from 4 brainspotting sessions since January 2023, to work on a limiting belief related to money / abundance and the result has been incredible. During the third session something deep was unlocked, I had physical signs of it and then changes in perception / thoughts as if a reprogramming had indeed been carried out it was crazy! Thank you Aude for her gentle, caring, efficient support 🙏 


I took NLP sessions. They were both very liberating for me and I felt a rare sense of well-being afterwards. I have excellent memories of it. I also had a hypnosis session to prepare for the birth of my daughter and it helped me to live this event with more serenity. Highly recommend using Flame Alive. Aude is a very caring, intelligent and effective therapist."Carole

I followed up with Aude for 5 months in 2021, she was able to support me by listening and with very fine suggestions, she also regularly sent me useful information for awareness-raising related to what I was going through. I had hypnosis with her and I really appreciated her presence and her gentle and adjusted interventions where I was during this period. I highly recommend her!"Paulina

Aude is very professional, we exchanged hypnosis sessions in a work environment and these interventions seemed to me very appropriate and very adequate. She shows a lot of listening and empathy in order to let the person find themselves… I also did regressive hypnosis with her and I have a total confidence! Indeed this practice of hypnosis can be delicate, I found a lot of care, the right tone to accompany me in this other space of consciousness... thank you Aude!"Loriane

I just want to thank you for this session received from you. I now feel relieved, completely released from this person who made me feel depleted. I wasn't sure if the session with you would help, but I'm surprised how it worked for me.. it's amazing. I feel so peaceful with this situation, im completely relieved now. Thank you so much"


I carried out about ten sessions with Aude in 2021. In a period of professional and emotional instability, Aude accompanied me with her many tools such as NLP, Hypnosis, Ikigai, reinforcement of values, vision at 5 years.. This follow-up allowed me to question my beliefs and clarify my life goals. I gained self-confidence and was able to quit a job that didn't suit me to focus on more important things for me. Aude is a gentle, caring and very attentive person. I recommend" :)emylin

I used Aude's services in autumn/winter 2020, to have another look at a conflict situation with a colleague (via NLP) and hypnosis sessions to raise awareness and liberate new resources. I really appreciated Aude's support, her gentleness and her insight, thank you!"Romy

Aude accompanied me in a remarkable way during the sessions. I felt her support, her kindness and her professionalism. A safe space dedicated to trauma healing. I also really appreciated her follow-up after the sessions. I highly recommend her."Natalie
Aude is a listening, empathetic and comforting professional. The brainspotting allowed me a quick and lasting relief. I recommend Aude to anyone wishing to find new impetus with the help of someone they trust.Maryline

I highly recommend Aude who accompanied me via Brainspotting and NLP to work on the expression of emotions and self-esteem. It was a very interesting job which opened up new horizons for me, allowing me to be more authentic and which, in the end, calmed my physical pain. Apart from exceptional listening skills and presence, Aude encourages and guides her client in a benevolent, professional and sensitive way towards new resources. She is committed to her work and also has a varied toolbox allowing her to identify the technique that will best correspond to the problem raised. I felt understood, confident and peaceful after each session. I can only recommend his work.


I did a few sessions with Aude in October 2022. The sessions were very interesting and useful, with Voice Dialogue, brainspotting and work on past lives, which make it possible to contact emotions and memories hidden in the unconscious. Aude is a very sensitive person, very attentive and with an immense capacity for empathy. I warmly recommend Aude to anyone in personal development and in search of healing. You're at the right address ;)Yann
Aude is very attentive and professional. She knows how to guide you to a deep state of hypnosis and relaxation so you can understand yourself better. I highly recommend her services!


3 months ago I did Brainspotting and also NLP and hypnosis sessions which really helped me in my journey and to regain confidence. Aude is a gold therapist, efficient and serious, she masters her subject, I can only recommend her!  THANKS


In April 2023, I was able to receive support with 2 brainspotting sessions, which did me good, contributed to my inner journey. I am delighted.I highly recommend this therapy. Thank you Aude for your sweetness and love