Life transition & emotions

The important thing is to be one's own light, one's own master and one's own disciple.  

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Our societies in rapid transition shake our established references and have an impact on each of us: those changes can be seen in the work environment, in our personal relationships, in the family, in our health. 

In adverse circumstances and crisis, it is essential to make a step back and dive inside ourselves to better understand our wounds and our reactions in difficult situations that are repeated and may have become patterns, symptoms, or a potential disease. This internal movement helps finding what we really aspire to do, what make us feel vibrant, loving oneself, loving life, feel eager to wake up to a new day and feel surrounded by the right people.

This allows us to redefine the projects that genuinely bring a meaning to our lives, that reconnect us to our inner vitality, our inner child, our momentum of life.

  • Professional crisis
  • Personal, existential crisis
  • Loss of meaning
  • Feeling of being at an impasse 
  • Exhaustion, burnout?

I facilitate sessions to: 

  • Identify your core values and their hierarchy to reorient yourself towards what makes you vibrate
  • Reconnect to a perspective that brings meaning to your daily life
  • Redefine a project that feeds your life mission, and helps you project yourself into it 
  • Project yourself concretely step by step towards your goal
  • Deactivate / liberate the elements that were holding you back (treatment of limiting beliefs and behaviours, blockages, symptoms of post-traumatic stress, etc.)
  • Identify and mobilise new resources to support your project (reinforcement of new behaviours and beliefs that support you in your life goals)