Life transitions 

As humans, we cannot avoid the crossing of the swamplands in our existence. The challenge is to move from victim to meaning. 

Dr James Hollis

In a world undergoing rapid transformation, our familiar landmarks are shifting, impacting every aspect of our lives – from our professional endeavors to our personal relationships, and even our well-being.

During times of adversity and crisis, it becomes crucial to pause and embark on an inward journey. By delving deep into our inner selves, we gain valuable insights into our wounds and our responses to challenging situations. These insights help us uncover recurring patterns, symptoms, or potential ailments that may have taken root within us.

This introspective process serves as a catalyst for discovering our true aspirations, reigniting our inner flame, and fostering self-love and appreciation for life. It empowers us to wake up each day with renewed vigor, surrounded by the right support system.

Through this journey, we are able to redefine our life's purpose, aligning ourselves with projects and endeavors that resonate deeply with our essence. It's a journey that reconnects us with our inner vitality, our inner child, and the innate zest for life that propels us forward.

  • Professional crisis
  • Personal, existential crisis
  • Loss of meaning
  • Feeling of being at an impasse 
  • Exhaustion, burnout?

I facilitate sessions to: 

  • Identify your core values and their hierarchy to reorient yourself towards what makes you vibrate
  • Reconnect to a perspective that brings meaning to your daily life
  • Redefine a project that feeds your life mission, and helps you project yourself into it 
  • Project yourself concretely step by step towards your goal
  • Deactivate / liberate the elements that were holding you back (treatment of limiting beliefs and behaviours, blockages, symptoms of post-traumatic stress, etc.)
  • Identify and mobilise new resources to support your project (reinforcement of new behaviours and beliefs that support you in your life goals)