Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its life believing it is stupid. Albert Einstein

Is this you? 

  • Are you deeply receptive to the energy, emotions and mindsets of others ?
  • Are you strongly impacted by things like : conflicts, rejection, lack of kindness, judgments and criticism ? 
  • Do you have difficulty setting your boundaries ?
  • Are you more concerned with the well-being of others than your own needs ?
  • Do you constantly seek others' approval for your choices and decisions ?
  • Do you get a lot of energy to give to others, but working for your own projects seems like a mountain ?
  • Do you struggle in relationships and feel like something is "wrong" with "you" ? 
  • Do you experiment anxiety, fatigue, depression, a chronic lack of energy, experienced the burn out ?
  • Are you very in tune with nature and animals ?
  • Do you have extrasensory perceptions (strong intuitions, messages in dreams, experience synchronicities) ? 
  • Do you feel you don't belong in the mainstream values of society (corporate, competition, pyramidal hierarchy, etc.)
  • etc. 

             ... Good! the world needs your outstanding qualities ! 

                  and this is not a fatality to feel disempowered and lost... 

I facilitate sessions in order to: 

  • Better navigate with hypersensitivity, hyper-empathy, discern what belongs to yourself or to others, set healthy boundaries, acknowledge the strength of your uniqueness, make a strength of your sensitivity 
  • Mobilise resources to achieve a goal that you apprehend (fears, phobias, anxiety, anguish)
  • Improve relationships: work on your perceptions, position and assert yourself in alignment with who you are
  • Transform repetitive difficulties / update undesirable behaviours
  • Perform systemic cleansing (family, colleagues, spouses)
  • Untangle inner conflicts (dilemmas)
  • Acquire tools to overcome and prevent toxic situations
  • Empowering and cutting with toxic bonds
  • Develop emotional autonomy and liberate from repeated relational patterns (abuse, toxic influences, power games, etc.)
  • Understand and identify the mechanisms of trauma-bonded relationships